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Succession Planning and Business Development Summit

We are pleased to have the following companies included as sponsors for this event.  Business Mentors selected each of these companies because we feel that they offer exceptional value to restoration contractors.  Each of these companies has a proven track record of exceptional service and great value.  While there are often lower prices for many products, there is no alternative for great value and exceptional service.  You may find that you can often get the best prices as well when you partner with great suppliers to the industry.  We strongly endorse the sponsors of our training Summit and are pleased to include them as a part of our team. 

You can find a Jon Don office in every corner of the US.  They offer unprecedented service and you will not find a better group of professionals. Jon Don is truly a partner in your success.  They supply most products that a restoration company would need and offer a full compliment of educational classes.  If you have time PLEASE check out their Strategies for Success Class with Steve Toburen. Steve was instrumental in transforming the company culture in our restoration company nearly 15 years ago. 

Are you properly covered for the risk in the restoration industry.  Ross understands the restoration industry and has the best coverage to back it up. You can get the best prices and the best news is that Ross can write through your current broker so you can maintain your local relationships.  He has removed all objections to saving you money.

Benefect Botanical disinfectants and cleaners are formulated with plant-based antimicrobial technology giving them an unprecedented safety profile. All the strength you need without the risk!

Legend Brands companies, Dri-Eaz, ProRestore and Sapphire Scientific, combine over 185 years of experience in providing equipment, accessories and chemicals for water and fire damage restoration and remediation. Restoration professionals turn to Dri-Eaz® products for the best performing, most durable and reliable drying equipment. Customers also depend on Dri-Eaz for the tools they need to succeed through RSA education, technical support and innovative engineering and design. Unsmoke, Microban, and ODORx products from ProRestore provide industry-leading odor and antimicrobial solutions for water and fire damage restoration and remediation. Sapphire Scientific® truckmounts, tools and chemicals power the flood extraction and support the clean-up stage of restoration jobs.

Encircle helps organizations to empower their front end workforce with easy to use process automation tools that allow them to collaborate, collect and share information from anywhere. We take customers in restoration and insurance, financial services, hospitality and other service industries from complicated systems and processes to the connected age with a digital assistant that unlocks the full potential and productivity of their teams – accelerating their business and driving greater business results.  And we do it all in a way that is simple and easy to use.  Learn more about Encircle at