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Business Mentors
477 Dartmoor Drive
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Dear Phil,

I am writing today to express my thanks and gratitude for your company and our relationship. As you are well aware, when we first hired Business Mentors we were struggling with a variety of issues related to our growth. The first was a lack of accountability and measurement of our staff. This was very frustrating to me both professionally and personally. I felt as though I was nothing but a grownup babysitter. Our workmanship was good and our people were technically competent but for some reason we were getting killed by the details.  Since your first visit last August we have made great strides in implementing systems, goals and measurements that help to keep our people accountable. The “proof in the pudding” so to speak is illustrated for me by the fact that I have on multiple occasions (even in the midst of an $850,000.00 fire loss) been able to leave the company and not fret about our company falling apart.

The second and bigger issue was that I really didn’t understand our business. I had read a variety of books and we were even involved with a peer group of restoration companies that met twice a year to talk about these issues. Something just wasn’t clicking. You have helped me immensely to become a better businessman. What an empowering feeling to finally understand the nuts and bolts of financial management, employee relations, marketing, and the myriad of other issues that comprise a well managed, dynamic company.

As I reflect upon the disaster restoration industry I am impressed when I consider the tremendous change we have encountered over the past five years. We have seen the impact of new technology and training such as applied structural drying and infrared thermography. We have navigated the challenges of dealing with mold and increased deductibles. I believe that we can expect more and perhaps greater challenges in the near future. Many restoration company owners are good technicians and technically very competent. Many however are not good and savvy businesspeople. It is in this regard that I feel your company is as relevant to us and our industry as a whole.

Finally on a personal note, I want to also convey my thanks for the wealth of mentoring you have given me in my personal life. I highly value your words of wisdom and experience. I am profoundly thankful that you have taught me to measure myself not by financial or personal accolades but by being faithful to my fellow man.


Mark Springer, CR
Vice President
Dayspring Restoration Inc.