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Business Mentors
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Well time is fast approaching our one-year anniversary and I thought I would take a moment to express my appreciation.

In the beginning when it was suggested that we should hire and implement your business knowledge to our business I was somewhat concerned and skeptical. I did want our already successful business to become an even better business, but for a consulting company to help us would imply they already know and understand all the aspects of a full service restoration company. Our business is very unique as you are dealing with clients that have sustained a small to large disaster and their emotions are in turmoil. Our employees have to understand, be compassionate, and they must determine the client’s needs in the few moments during the first meeting. As well we must also understand our employee’s needs, they too are unique so as to work in this industry of high stress and poor environmental conditions. To become a great company you must become more efficient with service, marketing, management, and your understanding of the family life.

Getting back to the beginning when I was doubtful, I took the time to find out who Business Mentors was individually and corporately. I wanted to know who the people I was dealing with were. These results showed me the honesty that you will be dealt with, the vast successful industry knowledge you will learn from and if you follow their recommendation success would be inevitable.

Personally speaking, I have been mentored to better read and manage the business activities, the clients, and my employees. Even better, I have learned to keep above the line and to pickup the ball when it drops.

Some people have a tough time expressing their thanks and I’m one, so I’ll say sincerely thank you Business Mentors, with a special thanks to Ken Tucker for your professional honesty in our business and my personal life with family and friends.


Phil Rooney
General Manager