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In the last 5 years our company has grown from $3 million to over $12 million in sales. We have found one of the biggest challenges is to properly manage the growth. Without proven systems, procedures and measurements in place you can spend an enormous amount of time and money trying to achieve them.

Business Mentors has the experience to help you recognize areas of your company that may need improvement and will provide solutions that are applicable immediately. They have everything you need from how the work should flow to the systems and procedures to handle any size work load efficiently. They also help you to understand how to use your financials to make intelligent business decisions.

We have been very impressed with their confident approach. It has resulted in them being immediately embraced by our entire management team.

Since our firm has been working with Business Mentors, we have seen a significant improvement in most areas of our company. We are convinced these achievements are largely a result of Business Mentors efforts.

All growing companies have hurdles to overcome, using the shotgun approach can lead to a lot of stress and disorganization.

I strongly recommend Business Mentors to help you overcome these challenges.


David Heitman, MCR #19029 
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