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I want you to know that I have truly been blessed by all of your efforts throughout the last 3 years. Our company has grown in both sales volume and profits but more importantly it has become a place of work that my employees and I appreciate being a part of. The buy in that has been created in this place is amazing and with out your help and efforts we could not have achieved this.

I told Jeff and Ken three years ago that my #1 goal was to "have a life outside of my business." This has been achieved and my family and I are grateful for this. We are a happier family than we have been in quite some time and I can't thank you enough for your part in that.

I would also like to sing the praises of Jeff Johnson. I can't say enough about what his help and friendship has done for my family, my business and me. He is truly a gem in your organization and I will miss working with him. His efforts, advice and encouragement have been invaluable to all of us and we truly thank you all for this. Jeff was as much a part of our business as any of us throughout the three years and worked as though it were his own. He takes a lot of pride in his work and it shows in the results we have all seen. The results of his tireless efforts will shine through in our business model for years to come.

Thank you again

Peter Overgaauw 
Paul Davis Systems of Brantford