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To Whom It May Concern

The decision to hire Business Mentors was made a little over a year ago and was based in part on our ongoing process of merging two companies. Both companies had been involved in insurance restoration, one with cleaning and the other contracting. The merger was to create one, “Full Service Restoration Company”, out of two companies that had worked together for approximately 20 years in a contractor/subcontractor relationship. Other issues that contributed to the decision to hire Business mentors related to dwindling profits and increased demands for technical and marketing strategies in an ever-changing work environment. 

It was a “double edged sword” that faced Business Mentors when they accepted the challenge. The initial attempt by Ken Tucker to bring business changes to a somewhat “difficult”, merger environment resulted in delays for implementation that temporarily forced his primary focus to shift to issues related to the merger. Ken was dealing with two business cultures, a split building and two business philosophies. With Ken’s skillful tactics and refereeing (and a little time), we saw the merger environment change from two entities into one. There is no doubt in our minds that the support and expertise that Ken brought to this process not only minimized the delay but also brought better results.

The question arose, how much does Business Mentor do, in term of providing actual forms, documentation and work procedures? Although templates were provided for these things there was an initial tendency on our part to think that they were incomplete because they still required a lot of work on our part to complete. This too turned out to be part of the building and growing process. This expression came to mind. “They will not fish for you but rather, they will teach you how to fish”. We understand now that it is through this process that we will build and learn to become a better company. 

Having a better understanding of the change process as well as the working relationships, personalities and talents involved in our company, we look forward, with enthusiasm and excitement to our second year with Business Mentors, to “boldly go where few have gone before”.

Marc J Lalonde