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Dear Mr. Rosebrook,

I would like to make a very profound and personal statement. You, Dan and Ken helped us have a child. I joke about this with Dan all the time. This is humorous but in many ways very true. Let me explain in more detail and I am sure you will understand.

I told Jeff and Ken three years ago that my #1 goal was to "have a life outside of my business." This has been achieved and my family and I are grateful for this. We are a happier family than we have been in quite some time and I can't thank you enough for your part in that.

The main reason we signed up with Business Mentors was not to make more money, but to get the business operating efficiently so we could someday have a family. In my eyes, the most important thing in the world is to be a good parent. The way I lived before the Mentors program I could not have been a good father. You and your team have provided me with the tools and ideas to make things work effectively so that I could accomplish my goal of becoming a father.

I believe as my business progresses that the rest of my team/staff will also benefit from your program, and that it will enrich their lives as well.

It goes without saying that Ken played a key role in terms of selling me on the best investment I have ever made. I don't part with money very easily, and the Mentors program is not a small venture. Almost a year later I have never been happier.

I can't say enough about the mentorship that Dan has gave me, not only in business but also in life and achieving my personal goals. He is a truly brilliant and sincere person, and he has made a huge difference in my life and now in my family.

Ken and Dan make up powerhouse team and we are sure that our second year working with them will be as great as the first.


Devlin Helferty
Helfertys Disaster Restoration