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I bought this mid size restoration business 4 years ago, in the heart of twenty competitors.  I thought growing this business would be a breeze.  I also use to think there was nothing to owning and operating your own business.  I was so wrong.  Things took off in the beginning and it took all my energy and focus to make each job profitably.   Work started to slow and then I had time to examine the whole owning a business process.  The reports, paperwork, financials and employee needs were pulling me in every direction, except growing my company. 

I went to the ASCR Convention in the later part of 2004 and met the guys of Business Mentors.  Phil Sr. helped me believe that I can make my business grow and be profitable without all the migraines.  They came for there initial visit in June 2005 and by August 2005 I was already noticing some major changes happening within the company and staff.  They helped me create new positions and showed me how to make my current employees profitable.  I am very anxious to see where the rest of this journey will take me and my company.

All of my Thanks!

Jeremy Davidson, Monroe