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I wanted to provide an update on our progress and recent activities. I have been pushing really hard to generate more business and continue to foster the changing focus (sales vs. production) within the company. Overall, I think that we have been very successful doing so. All teams and employees are operating mostly independent as we have truly given them the keys and clearly laid out the plan. We have been fully committed to providing them tools they need to be successful within their positions and professions….all the while, making the company bigger, better and more profitable. Within the company everyone understands and feels a sense of pride knowing that they are accountable to themselves first, their teammates second and the company third. Even if the money didn't pile in during 2009, at least we revived our company to become a functioning organization, where people have opportunity and our service to the community is honest and appropriate. It's a beautiful thing!!! Thank you for showing us the light!!!

This became ever so apparent when Justin and I were both out of town for the holidays. From what I heard upon my return, things didn't skip a beat. It seemed, everyone was operating, understanding and abiding by what their individual function is within the company. When I returned to town, I expected to have a HUGE pile of issues and/ or unresolved items to address, however, I came back to some checks needing to be signed and some mail needing opened. Nothing else…my desk was clean when I left, clean when I got back and actually, it is still quite clean. I was pleasantly surprised that in fact I was coming back to (in my own opinion) a fully functioning small business with proper reporting, documentation, expectations and overall happy employees.

The changes that we have made over the last two years have given myself and Justin a piece of mind knowing that this can be a business that functions, for the most part properly and profitably. And what may be most important….without two owners that each day had to tear the strength from their souls to get out of bed and hope that things would get better. Well, thanks to you…I am happy to report…that things got better…actually not just better but really great. All the pushing, banging, confrontation, questioning, learning, listening and believing has finally paid off. Maybe not financially yet, but I am sure with persistence and learning, that will come too.

We have finally regained our business and our sanity!!! And for that...we... Thank you!!! We would not have been able to do it without you!!!

With all the gratitude ever,

Josh and Justin
The proud owners of Alliance Disaster Kleenup