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Management Training

Restoration is a complicated industry.  Managing an always on restoration company can be very difficult.  Business Mentors has the experience to help you take your business to the next level.  We are your advisor, mentor and consultant to help you navigate the industry challenges.  We have filled your shoes and know what it takes to be successful.  Often the difference between a successful and struggling company is the leadership skills of the owner(s) and management team.  Business Mentors will help develop leadership and management skills throughout your company.  Our consultants often spend a lot of time working with your leadership team and developing their skills.

Entrepreneurs are busy.  It is difficult to change your duties or responsibilities since you are already working at least a full time job.  We help identify the key activities that you should be undertaking and then evaluating the roles and responsibilities of your team.  We will help you work on major high impact activities and then delegate others where appropriate.

Many companies are very reactive by nature.  Effective organizations are proactive and working toward clear objectives.  We will help you identify the main priorities in your company and then establish a plan for achieving these objectives.

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