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We have referred or worked with the following companies.  Our clients have been pleased with the service and have found these companies to add value to their business.  We hope that you would explore these companies to learn if they are a good fit for you.  

You can find a Jon Don office in every corner of the US.  They offer unprecedented service and you will not find a better group of professionals. Jon Don is truly a partner in your success.  They supply most products that a restoration company would need and offer a full compliment of educational classes.  If you have time PLEASE check out their Strategies for Success Class with Steve Toburen. Steve was instrumental in transforming the company culture in our restoration company nearly 15 years ago.  You can learn more by following the link to their site.

Esporta Wash Systems (TM) is a revolutionary washing technology enabling restoration companies to establish profitable soft contents facilities. The Esporta's soft contents restoration system is able to restore approximatley 85% of soft contents that have typically been cashed out (including category 1,2 and 3 damage), thereby saving insurance companies millions of dollars and providing the insured with faster and simpler claim settlements. Operation of The Esporta Wash System (TM) is certified through the Certified Contents Restoration Netowrk (CCRN) - an international training and certification network comprised of over 200 restoration contractors across North America. You will be able to see the system in operation at the JC Restoration facility.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a better handle on the right decisions you make when hiring or managing people?  We are called SmartMoves because we provide you with Predictive Talent Analytics that allow you to make targeted decisions about your candidates and employees and provide you with insights about them that would otherwise take months to discover.  Using our extensive portfolio of solutions you will:

We offer over 20 different solutions-- Assessments, Surveys, Executive Coaching and Training. Essentially, we are your One-Stop Shop for solving all of your people challenges.  Take a look at our website: and then join the many restoration companies that are thrilled with the results we provide.

There are many off the shelf software solutions for restoration companies and others that you can have customized to meet your needs. There is a trade off with most software – it either does not fully meet the needs of a restoration company or the price tag is exorbitant.  PSA has created a cost effective solution that meets the needs of the restoration professional at a reasonable price.  When it is important to have accurate, timely and detailed information you need a great software solution and PSA is Proven!

Are you properly covered for the risk in the restoration industry.  Ross understands the restoration industry and has the best coverage to back it up. You can get the best prices and the best news is that Ross can write through your current broker so you can maintain your local relationships.  He has removed all objections to saving you money.

Benefect Botanical disinfectants and cleaners are formulated with plant-based antimicrobial technology giving them an unprecedented safety profile. All the strength you need without the risk!

Welcome to FIRELINE SYSTEMS the Systematic Solution to contents cleaning, specifically engineered to give your Contents Division a definite Advantage in today's competitive Restoration Marketplace.

FIRELINE is a Complete Turnkey System designed to eliminate the inefficiencies and bottlenecks associated with standard contents cleaning methods. By integrating New Contents Management and Organizational Strategies with the latest Technological Advancements we are now able to achieve unprecedented processing efficiency and productivity.

Predix is key to aligning right, hiring the right talent and coaching employees for maximum productivity.

Your #1 asset - your people. Are they in the right seat? Being aware of the talent that is available to keep your company moving forward and profitable is critical to your success. Predix quickly evaluates both your internal employees and potential candidates to determine if they have the right behaviors to do what you want them to do. And Predix helps you figure out why people aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Predix makes you seriously smart about your people. The most successful restoration companies are utilizing Predix to maximize relationships with owners/executives, management, teams, and customers. Understanding this best kept secret will help your company improve its bottom line by recognizing its greatest talents and maximize them to drive profits.

Drytech International partners exclusively with Restoration Contractors providing dehumidification, climate control and equipment rental services through-out Canada and the U.S. Drytech International personnel and equipment are logo free so that we complement the branding of our clients in a non-competitive manner. Experience, value and exceptional service are some of the benefits that our clients have come to expect in partnering with Drytech International.

iCAT Solutions inc, the innovators of the Ricoh Fast Packout technology, provide a complete operational software solution for contents claims management. The solution leverages cutting edge hardware technology and blends it to a revolutionary software that is built on a customer service architecture. Manage your contents business to exacting detail, while delivering unparalleled levels of customer service.

ACV Systems helps automat the pack out, inventory and tracking systems for fire restoration cleaning services.  The program integrates with Xactimate to automate and remove steps from the administration portion of the contents project.  The program also utilizes bar codes to allow for monitoring the items in your possession.


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