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2016 Business Development Summit

September 21-22 Chicago Il.

Jon Don – Roselle location

2009 Business Development Summit

Business Mentors is bringing you a cutting edge event designed to improve the leadership skills of your senior management team. The Business Mentors Summit is one of the strongest management events in the industry.  Come find out why we consistently hold a sold out event.  This year we are moving to a smaller venue and seating will be limited – so sign up early!

The Summit is designed for the senior management team and owners of restoration companies from across North America.  You will network with some of the most successful restoration professionals in the industry.  The event is uniquely designed to facilitate sharing of ideas with your peers.  You will have two very full days of education, networking, socializing and sharing

We have gathered some of the best instructors in the restoration industry to make this a great event.  The high powered and entertaining speakers will add value to the Summit and provide tips and tools that will help you take your business to the next level.

Each of these dynamic speakers will bring you tips that will help you become a better leader and also improve your company.  You will learn:

  1. Leadership skills to propel your business to the next level
  2. Define effective communication skills to maximize profitability and delight your clients
  3. How to create synergy to leverage the performance of your team
  4. Learn effective onboarding and employee management strategies
  5. Find ways to influence your company culture to elevate your team
  6. Take part in powerful round table discussions and learn success tips from your peers.
  7. How to set up and manage a multiple location restoration operation.
  8. Exceptional networking opportunities
  9. Learn trends and future developments in the insurance industry that will impact your business.
  10. Much more…

The event will be held at Jon Don in Roselle and we will also be able to tour one of the industry’s most impressive facilities.  JC Restoration has an over 100,000 SF state of the art facility.  The facility is designed for efficiency – you will be able to bring back ideas that you can implement in your current or planned facilities.

We will provide all food and drinks for the event days as well as appetizers for the pre-conference reception.  These events are designed to facilitate networking and sharing ideas for improving your business. 

Due to the unique structure of this event, you will experience some of the best networking from top restoration companies from across North America.  You will be encouraged and challenged during this event.  You will learn techniques that will help you transform your business.

Comments from Previous Business Mentors Summit events:

"The sessions were very informative and exceptional topics.  You can't find better people to network with."
"Great conference.  Will attend again and bring additional staff.  Well worth my time!"
"The presentations were very well presented.  It has been an informative event."
“You hit it out of the park! Very impressed!"
"Everything was equally fantastic.  Great presenters."
"This was my first year and I acquired years worth of experience in two days."
"I think it was amazing the amount of relevant and great info that was covered in just two days."
"I cannot imagine how to make it any better."
"The dynamic speakers were great."
"Amazing experience.  I would like to bring more people.  Please do this again next year."
"Information was invaluable but the quality of the connections is second to none.”
“When you combine intimate environment, quality information and solid connection you've got a winner."
"It's great guys.  We're in every year no matter what!"
"Please continue this event!  It is easily the best event I have attended this year."
"I was able to interact with other contractors and gained insight as to how they market their businesses.  I'm confident that with all the information gathered that I will be able to improve the way I work.”
"Networking was great and the topic was perfect.  Speakers really engaging."
"This is the best industry event I've ever attended."
"Networking and informational sessions were excellent!"
“Networking is always important but the sessions were a homerun.”
“Networking environment is fabulous, sessions were very inspiring.”
“The sessions were awesome!”
“Intense and focused group of presentations.”
“Truly excellent”
Every aspect of the summit was well thought out”
“Wow! World class.”
“The entire Summit was absolutely great. I will return with more managers next time.”
“Thank you for a great experience. This helped me gain great ideas on how to improve our company”