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Ken Tucker

As a Veteran of the property damage repair industry for over 30 years, Ken has worked with 4 organizations to develop a multiple branch office system opening 15 offices with sales in excess of $50,000,000.

Ken has authored and presented courses on water, fire, scoping and mould for adjuster and broker accreditation in many Canadian provinces.

Ken has a BSc. BA undergraduate degree from Michigan Technological University and an MBA from Canbourne University.

Ken has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine for his Leading Edge marketing programs.

Ken currently consults with many Business Mentors clients in Canada and the USA and overseas the Canadian operations.

Before joining Business Mentors, Ken was the Managing Partner of CSAR Management Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a full service, $16,000,000, Restoration Company comprising of 4 offices in South Central Alberta.

Ken is also a Past President and Chairman of the Board of Disaster Kleenup Canada, a capacity in which he served for 5 years.

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