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May 18, 2017

Phillip Rosebrook to present at the 2017 Crawford Contractor Connections on June 7-8 in St Louis Mo.  He will be discussing how to improve performance issues on your team.

Business Mentors will be a sponsor for the 2017 800 Board Up Meeting on July 23-25th in Charleston, SC

Phillip Rosebrook will be holding a workshop at the 2017 Roto Rooter Franchise Association meeting in New Orleans, LA on June 8-10. 

Restoration Training Online is a virtual company created by Business Mentors.  We are excited to announce that we have completed 35,000 individual sessions and carry over a 90% approval rating.  Each session receives an assessment after completion.


October 21, 2016

Business Mentors held our 7th Business Development Summit in Chicago, IL on September 21-22.   Nearly fifty restoration professionals from across North America attended the event that featured topics ranging from business growth to breaking trends that are impacting the industry.  The event was well received and highly reviewed by those in attendance. 

We would like to thank our Platinum sponsors National E&S insurance Brokers, Benefect and Jon Don. We would also like to recognize Legends Brands and Encircle for their support and participation in our event.

The Business Development Summit is an event designed for owners and senior managers from restoration companies.  The event has a unique structure that encourages deep networking and sharing of best practices.  For more information visit 

“This experience was invaluable and I learned more in 2 days than I ever imagined. Thank you sincerely for the preparation you all put into this.  I felt like I was a part of a secret society of smart industry professionals!  I really hope you continue this as we would love to come back!”
- Joe Smallwood, Rempke Restoration

“Smart speakers – Not the usual topics!”
- Anonymous


January 1, 2016

Phillip Rosebrook has been promoted to President of Business Mentors and David Rosebrook is now a part owner and company officer.  Phillip has been a shareholder and partner since 1998.  Phil Rosebrook Sr. will still be active in company operations.  “I look forward to building on the foundation of our strong faith and creating customer cheerleaders.  We look forward to building on this foundation and potentially adding new opportunities for the restoration market.” 

Business Mentors to exhibit at the 2016 Insights Conference Feb 21-22, 2016.  The Insights Conference brings together many of the best contractors from across North America. Business Mentors is pleased to be a supporter of the event and Disaster Kleenup International.

Business Mentors to exhibit at the 2016 International Convention and Expo, March 21-23, 2016 Word Center, Orlando Fl.  This is the largest international event in the restoration industry bringing contractors from around the world to learn the latest trends and techniques in the restoration industry.

Announcing Restoration Training Online (RTO) exceeds 30,000 completed courses.  RTO is a subsidiary of Business Mentors and was founded in 2006.  This training company was founded with the vision of making training for restoration companies affordable, convenient and of the highest quality.  We partnered with many of the industry’s top educators to bring the best in industry learning on demand. 

Phillip Rosebrook to present at the 2016 Crawford Connections Conference, June 2016 Las Vegas, NV.  Phillip to present: Obtaining discretionary effort from your team.  Attendees will learn steps they can take to create a high performing company with employees that go the extra mile to delight clients and achieve company goals.  They will also learn items that exist in many companies that detract from employee performance, sap energy and create internal conflict and struggles.  As a result of this presentation attendees will develop tools to improve morale, productivity as well as attracting top performing employees.


June 6, 2013

Business Mentors will be participating in the Disaster Kleenup International Annual Chapter Meeting in Chicago on August 4, 2013


May 31, 2013

Business Mentors is pleased to announce the Business Mentors  Marketing and Business Development Summit agenda is now complete.  Speakers include: Phillip Rosebrook JR, Ken Tucker, Howard Olson, Tim Miller, Lukas Szczurokski, Rick Cleari, Sam Bergman, Michael Connell and more.


May 22, 2013

Phillip Rosebrook JR was a featured speaker during the Crawford Contractor Connections meeting in San Antonio.  He shared ten characteristics found in most successful restoration companies. 


September 20, 2012

Our gift to The Marianists will go to an amazing school! The students from Our Lady of Nazareth Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya will assist in education and feeding 40 students.  Read letter here.


March 13, 2012

Soaring to Great Heights of Customer Service by Phillip Rosebrook Jr., CR published in Cleaning Restoration,Published by the Restoration Industry Association February 2012 Vol. 49 No. 2.

"Customer service is not an activity or a department. Rather it is an attitude and series of decisions. You can take steps in your business to provide exceptional customer service, and you may find that this is one of the lowest-cost and highest-impact changes that you can make in your business." Read full article here.


February 2, 2012

Philip Rosebrook, David Rosebrook and Phil Rosebrook Sr attended the inaugural meeting of the Property Insurance Conference Meeting on January 22, 2012.

The PIC is a group of restorers and insurance companies that will meet to discuss and address the collective needs of the group.  According to Dale Sailer from Disaster Kleenup, "Our collective market segments – no less than a dozen – have never had a ‘safe’ forum to productively discuss industry issues.  We have frequently talked about issues of concern within our segments, rarely across some of our segments, and never across all of our segments.  Each of us run or work within organizations that aggressively compete in whichever markets we play in ‘back home’.  We each want to win in those markets and that is good and appropriate.  However we need to buy in to the simple premise that market efficiency drives profitability and effectiveness, and that together we can create greater efficiency through industry collaboration than we can through minimal dialogue in our individual silos.  We have a wonderful chance to increase market effectiveness for all of us, and ultimately create a better customer experience, and I would hate to see that opportunity pass us by."  The next meeting will take place in Orlando during the PLRB meeting - on April 15, 2012.  

Phillip Rosebrook JR was quoted in the Nov/Dec issue of Cleaning and Restoration Magazine - in the link he discusses the positive impact of Martin King and the the Certified Restorer program on the restoration industry.

Look for Business Mentors at the Restoration Industry Leadership Summit - Look for us at booth 311


December 13, 2011

Business Mentors is pleased to announce that we are a Bronze Procura sponsor for 2011-2012.  We are very excited to sponsor with a the DKI organization for the 2011 - 2012 year.  We feel a strong alignment with the values and direction of DKI in the marketplace and are pleased to announce this partnership.


December 12, 2011
Dan Murray has been selected to be a member of the Restoration Industry Association's Certification committee.  "I am happy to give back to an organization that has been instrumental in my professional development as a restorer," says Murray.  Dan is a Certified Restorer (#134) and has been active in the RIA (formerly ASCR) for over 20 years. 


November 2, 2011

Ken Tucker and David Ellings were featured presenters at the recent PSA user’s conference in Phoenix, AZ.  Ken gave the keynote presentation and talked about how to overcome challenges that you encounter in your personal life and your business and how to utilize these opportunities to craft your character and build a solid company.  David Ellings talked about inefficiencies in your company.  He also talked about how to address these inefficiencies and add to your bottom line.

Phillip Rosebrook JR is presenting at the 911Restoration conference in Los Angeles.  He will be presenting on how to position your company and craft your marketing message to sell commercial restoration projects.  He will also cover how to position your company to sell large restoration projects.

Business Mentors will be attending the Disaster Kleenup International (DKI) Insights Trade Show and Conference on January 23-25th in Austin Texas.   Business Mentors can be found in the Foyer booth #2.  Learn more about this event at



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