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Restoration Training Online

Restoration Training Online is the new home to ELC Training.  This is a web-based on demand video training program that is a comprehensive technical and management program that includes many of the best instructors in the industry.  We understand that training is difficult to manage and can be very expensive.  We assembled a training program that can be used by most every person in your company and will help improve the competence of those that completed the sessions.  This not just a class but a training system.  It is important to develop your technical skills and it is essential that you are able to create a system that allows you to better manage the work that you get and also to increase the volume of work flowing through your doors.  Our program is ideal for internal training, cross training of your staff and especially in providing a foundation for your new employees.  This program covers many subjects and sessions that are not available anywhere else in the  industry.  This program has proven effective in improving skill level of all technicians, and managers, increasing revenue and improving margins. 

The program is sponsored by Business Mentors but is a separate company and includes industry experts in their chosen fields.  You will learn from Dr. Michael Pinto, Steve Toburen, Barb Jackson, Building Science Institute, Business Mentors Staff, American Drying Institute and many more.  After reviewing the website you can obtain a pass to view the sessions by sending an email to


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