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Company E

Company E was a small company in a marketplace dominated by several major players.  They did not have a water damage department and a small cleaning department.  They did not have an identifiable company culture.  Additionally, they did not have a clear vision for the future. 

The company was profitable but did not standing out in an ultra-competitive marketplace.  They were successful but did not know how to leverage their strengths.   

RESULTS:  Company E purchased an existing water damage company and formed a very solid full service restoration business.  This company developed a very strong culture that became identifiable in the marketplace. A vision statement was created that served to drive their development.  Within 5 years each item on the vision statement was fulfilled and they became one of the strongest participants in this competitive environment.  They grew over 1,000% in total revenue over ten years and maintained their profitability and also their company culture.  This company has become recognized throughout their region as a quality place to work and also a solid reputation as a great customer service provider. 

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