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Company D

Company D was a second generation family business.  The son purchased the company and immediately brought in Business Mentors to help add infrastructure and growth. 

The company was primarily known for construction.  They had just purchased a cleaning company but did not have a steady flow of cleaning or water damage business. 

The owner was engaged in the company but looking for direction and leadership skill development.  The company was not making money and had cash flow challenges.  Very little marketing activity was occurring and the company did not have an identifiable brand in the market. 

Many of the decisions and much of the strategy was very reactive and little strategic planning was occurring.

RESULTS:  Company D re-branded and developed a significant water damage and cleaning department.  Total revenue has more than tripled and a 8,000 SF addition was added to the facility.  Gross margins and net margins have significantly improved.  A new satellite office was added. The company re-branded from the marketing promotional material to the logo and even the company name was adjusted to reflect the new emphasis on cleaning and water damage.  A general manager was appointed and the owner started working on big picture activities.  In addition to the revenue growth, the company achieved very strong profitability. This company became the strongest performer in a competitive environment with work coming from many different sources.  The company implemented many new systems and procedures.  They now are a very proactive company that performs annual strategic planning meetings in order to guide daily decisions and adjust the plan as needed.  Strong financial reporting and quantifiable measurements are used to manage performance and communicate expectations. 

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