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Company C

Company C had been in business for nearly ten years.  During that time they had been financially successful but did not have any supporting business infrastructure. The owner was working a lot of hours that resulted from seasonal work and did not have the support staff or systems to run a growing organization.  There were no timely financial measurements and no administrative systems and procedures. 

The owner spent all his time in the trenches with no support and little management staff.  Business was previously generated through a large yellow page presence but this work source had completely dried up with no consistent inflow of new work. 

RESULTS: Company C has developed into a steady and consistent business. They have a strong management team and consistent systems and procedures that make this an easy business to manage.  The company has a general manager and the owner works on the business.  Strong and timely financial and accountability reports allow for objective management and decision-making. They hold annual meetings to plan future business activities and to set goals and budgets for the upcoming year.  Jobs are completed timely and profitably with budgets prepared and managed for all projects.  They have a solid marketing approach that consists of a diversified personal contact plan and a solid online presence, consistent branding and an effective marketing budget.  Managers each have goals and share in the success of the company through defined incentive plans.  A solid professional support team has been assembled and is utilized.  The result is that the owner has the confidence that his business is running soundly and profitably.  The management team is making daily decisions and the owner has time to spend with his family and coaching youth sports.  There are many consistent sources of new work and the company is consistently growing.  There are clear lines of authority and job descriptions.  The office has solid systems and procedures. 

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