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Company A

Company A is an established company. They are a family business that has been consistently profitable.  The owners are looking for their exit plan and transition to the next generation.  The next generation working in the business lacks a vision and guidance.  In addition, the owner of the company is not certain of his responsibilities as well as an effective job description. 

The company has financial statements, although they are not being used for management decisions, accountability or planning.  Reports are generated but not reviewed.  As long as cash flow is strong there is no need to look through reports. 

The construction department is running but looked at as a necessary part of the company but not a valuable profit center.  The marketing department is staffed and working but without direction and clarity.  The cleaning department is established with no leadership or dedicated cleaning staff.  This department invested heavily in equipment but did not have the leadership to grow and manage this department. 

Additionally, this company had a very reactive management style with no defined plan, goals or vision moving forward.

RESULTS:  The roles and responsibilities are written, communicated and clear.  Financial reports are produced and reviewed on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis to track performance as well as maintain a quantitative view of the business health.  The construction department is working with a purpose and contributing to the bottom line and generating cash to support operations.  The cleaning department has clear leadership and is moving to a new 10,000 SF facility. The company meets annually to discuss goals, vision, strategy, personnel and more.   The marketing staff is motivated with clear direction, goals, budgets and a proactive strategy. They currently have a comprehensive program that consists of an effective online presence, personal visits, advertising and more.  Marketing is not the sole responsibility of the marketing staff but all managers in the company participate in this process.  The owner is engaged in the company and has clear definition for his daily responsibilities.  The next generation is developing needed skills to take over the company in the next 5-7 years if desired.  The net result is that the company is still profitable and growing, the family has harmony and peace inside and outside the business the management team is growing and quality staff is being added.

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