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Case Studies

The following are general descriptions of our clients.  While these are generalizations they represent details of consulting success.  While this is a review of our service, it is not a claim of results for any future opportunity.  Each company has different needs and results will vary by company. 

Company A is an established company. They are a family business that has been consistently profitable.  The owners are looking for their exit plan and transition to the next generation. Read more. 

Company B is a long established restoration company.  They were in business for over 20 years.  They only had several managers and no business strategy.  They likely were profitable but there were no financial reports to confirm or deny.  Read more.

Company C had been in business for nearly ten years.  During that time they had been financially successful but had no supporting business infrastructure. The owner was working a lot of hours and did not have the support staff or systems to run a growing organization. Read more.

Company D was a second generation family business.  The son purchased the company and immediately brought in Business Mentors to help add infrastructure and growth. Read more.

Company E was a small company in a marketplace dominated by several major players.  They did not have a water damage department and a small cleaning department.  They did not have an identifiable company culture. Read more.

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