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How Mentoring Works

Business Mentors is different than many business consultants.  We all have a background in restoration, which allows us to understand your business as well as the roles and responsibilities of each person in the company.  We only work with restoration companies, so we can specialize and become experts in most facets of the industry.  Not only have we worked in most positions in restoration but we have also been able to see hundreds of successful people working in these positions in companies across North America. Business Mentors creates a strong business strategy customized for your company and then we are able to mentor the owner, managers and sometimes even the field staff.  Having industry relevance provides us the relevance and credibility to encourage successful behaviors in your company.  We help you create the measurements and benchmarks that allow you to track and manage the process of implementing your strategic plan.

Our process works because we help you create a strategic plan for your business, then we assist with the implementation of this plan and hold you accountable for achievement.  As you encounter challenges in this process we are available to assist in moving to the next stage in your business development.


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